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Karin's Guesthouse Lodging Geilenkirchen


Accommodations with free Guesthouse Cars

 Airport Shuttle Service 


years experience in
supporting the Tri-Border 
NATO Community

GK, JFC Brunssum, AFNorth & CAF

THANK YOU for choosing Karin's Guesthouse,
We look forward to meeting you!

At Karin's Guesthouse 


we understand that when it comes to transitioning to or from a new location, even though exciting, the process can be quite stressful and an interruption to all family members and pets. 


From arranging your airport shuttle transportation, providing a complimentary guesthouse car, to fully-furnished and very well-equipped accommodations for single members, couples, families and pets. 


Whether you are just arriving or saying goodbye, we aim to make your transition as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Our family-run Guesthouse has been accommodating and assisting NATO Members and their families for over 20 years.


Our mission is to offer our guests everything needed for a comfortable, stress free transition!

We hope to see you soon

Karin's Guethouse TLA Family Accommodation
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