Karin's Guesthouse Geilenkirchen
Welcome to Karin's Guesthouse


Experience quality Temporary Living Facilities and Accommodations with a warm family touch when PCSing to or from the Tri-Border area.


Our valued Guests are members assigned to NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen (DE), Canadian Forces Support Unit E (DE), JFC HQ Brunssum (NL), USAG Benelux Schinnen (NL), Eygelshoven (NL) and teachers from AFNorth International School (NL).

We offer airport shuttle transportation and fully equipped accommodations for singles, couples, families and pets. For convenience and flexibility, all our houses and apartments come with a free complimentary car, available for the entire stay.

"Don't just   transition with us ... ... make yourself

at home" 

Karin's Guethouse TLA Family Accommodation
Family PCSing to GK Karin's Guesthouse
Our family-run Guesthouse has been accommodating and assisting NATO Members and their families for over 15 years.


Our mission is to offer our guests everything needed for a comfortable, stress free transition!

We hope to see you soon