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Newcomers Sponsor

We don’t need exact dates of when your newcomer(s) is arriving. We can make tentative reservations and work with you as travel dates become firm.


Remember, we do book up quickly, so please get in touch with us as soon as you can.

We look forward to working with you!
PCS Timetable, Smooth Move Geilenkirchen

Benefits of our Newcomers Sponsor Service:

  • Temporary Lodging suitable for single newcomers, couples and families up to 6 + Baby

  • Pets are welcome

  • Pre-arrival grocery drop-off at accommodation

  • No firm arrival dates required

  • No deposit required

  • Complimentary Guesthouse Car included

  • Airport Shuttle Transportation, pets ride free

  • Free Loaner Cell Phone

  • Regular Updates for Sponsor

Sponsoring a Newcomer?


Are you sponsoring a newcomer to the Tri-Border area? We would like to help make this process and responsibility be as easy and trouble-free for you as possible and to give you the peace of mind that your newcomer(s) will be in good hands.


We make sure your newcomer(s) have everything ready for when they arrive. They will be made to feel very welcome in one of our fully-furnished accommodations, have access to their own Complimentary Guesthouse Car available to use during their entire stay with us and a free loaner cell phone.

Collecting them from the airport couldn’t be easier. If you want to ride with our airport shuttle driver to meet your newcomer(s) at the airport, no problem. Can’t get away from work? Our driver will collect your newcomer(s) and we’ll check them into their accommodation. We’ll provide you with updates, so you know what’s happening.


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